I am so proud to reach semifinals – Turkey coach Emanuele Zanini

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, August 29, 2015 – Turkey qualified semifinals despite losing Brazil 3-1 in Pool B of the FIVB Men’s U23 World Championship at Al Ali Club. Turkish side was very happy after the match. Read more about coaches’ and captain’s opinions.

Turkey coach Emanuele Zanini: We started the match very well and won the first set. I am so proud to reach the semifinals. I had to protect my players for tomorrow’s semifinal after first set. This is the first time we reached last four. We are very happy.

Turkey captain Burak Gungor: Congratulations to Brazil, they played a good match. We played very good in the first set. Our goal was to win one set at this game. Semifinals will be more difficult than the final.

Brazil coach Leonaldo Roberley: We are very sorry. Winning 3-0 was our only chance to qualify for the semifinals but we could not manage it. After first set the game was only about the result. Congratulation to Turkey.

Brazil captain Thiago Veloso:
Congratulations to Turkey. They played really well in the first set and we were not lucky. We needed to win 3-0 but we lost the first set. I wish good luck to Turkey.


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