"I'm so proud of my team," says Italian captain


Italy and Iran coaches in the press conference

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, August 28, 2015 –Italy clinched an impressive 3-1 victory (25-23, 15-25, 25-17, 26-24) over Iran to remain undefeated after a thrilling encounter. Both Italy coach and captain were very happy to overcome a strong team like Iran

Italy Coach Michele Totire: 

"First of all, I'd like to congratulate the Iranian team because they showed great skills in this match and the previous matches. I believe that right now, we have high chances in the competition, although we unlucky end up the first round playing against extremely skilled opponents."

"I'm very happy and proud of my team. They played wonderfully, especially in the second set, I was a little bit worried and anxious in the fourth set because both teams were at equal levels, I worried about every point but later on we were able to score and win. Now, I will ask of my team to play even harder and do their all for the coming match against Cuba."

Italy's captain Luca Spirito: 

"I'm so proud of my team because at the end of the game, we were at extremely hard moments but we were still able to advance and win. Moreover, we were able to reach very high points in this match against Iran and I think we played very well, especially at blocking. Now, we had a tough  match against Cuba and we also hope to win."

Iran's coach Akbari Payman:

"I want to congratulate the Italian team for being in the top 4 teams. Actually the main reason that made us lose this match is that the Federation was concentrating on the world championship in Japan more than this so we haven't any friendly matches before we come here."

"And also I think that our team now is weaker than it was before especially after the injury of our players. I also think that the experience of our players is much more less than the Italian's players . Our experience is very limited."

Iran's captain Fayazi Pourya: 

"We could be within the top 4 team because we have a very good possibilities to win because the difference in the points was not that much far but we weren't lucky to win because of our player's injury."

"I also want to congrats the Italian team for the big effort and performance they showed today and for being with the top 4 teams in this championship." 


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