Italy survive battle with Korea


Italy's Alberto Polo spikes against Korea in the victory 3-1

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, August 26, 2015 – Italy held off a battling Korea to win a thrilling encounter on their path to a third victory without losses (25-15, 29-31, 25-22, 25-18) at the FIVB Men's U23 World Championship in on Wednesday.

The match was a terrific contest with the players from both sides displaying rich ability.  Gabriele Nelli's 20 points topped the list of the scores for the winners, followed by Tiziano Mazzone 15. 

Korea's Kim Inhyoek had 19 points to head the scoring charts of the losers. 

Italy widely dominated the first set with their opposite spiker Gabriele Nelli doing a great role through his sharp hits from position 2 that allowed Italy to have a comfortable win 25-15 in the first set. 

Korea rebounded in the second set after they deployed their solid block against the Italian attacks beside using the combinations conducted by their setter Ha Seungwoo. Korea maintained their leading although the great fight from the Italians who came close till the draw 24-24, when the Korean team missed 6 set points before they finished the mission at 31-29 to draw 1-1. 

Again Korea started the third set in the same rhythm using the attacks from the opposite spiker Kim Sungmin before the Italian team turn over to win the set 25-22 and lead 2-1.

Again Italy dominated the 4th set with the great blocks and the tight defence to win 25-18 and finish the match 3-1.


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