"Korea surprised us in the first set," says Iran coach


Press conference after Iran against Korea

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, August 25, 2015 Iran continued their victories with a 3-1 (22-25, 25-22, 25-17, 25-22) win against a determined Korean squad . coach Akbari Payman mentioned that the Korean surprised his team in the first set before they came back .  

Iran coach Akbari Payman: 

"My players were sleeping in the first set and allowed the strong Korean team to enter the match as they were surprised by their quick rhythm. My team stayed under pressure throughout the first set, but after they played their style to win the difficult match. 

Iran capptain Fayazi Pourya:

"We returned back to full concentration after the first set. We need to prove that Iranian Volleyball is now one of the best all over the world. Now we have to look forwards to meet Cuba tomorrow."

Korea coach Hong Haechon:

 "We committed a lot of mistakes after the great first set we played. I think the players were disturbed and were put under pressure throughout the three sets to lose due to that stress. We still have to work hard to qualify for the second round. 

Korea Captain Sun Taehun:

"We started very well, but after the first set we start to do a lot of mistakes and we had also some problems in attacks, so it cost us to lose today." 


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