"Our objectives from the start is to qualify to the semifinal," Says Italy coach


Italy coach Michele Totire speaking during the press conference

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, August 25, 2015 – Italy defeated United Arab Emirates in straight sets (25-20, 25-13, 25-12). The Italian coach is considering the match as a step towards the semifinal. 

Italy coach Michele Totire:

"We did come here for a picnic, but we are here to win the title. Our objectives from the start is to qualify to the semifinal like Brazil and Russia. The match today was a step towards this. Our match tomorrow against Korea beside the other match Iran v Cuba will determine the qualifiers to the semifinal. I congratulate Emirates team for the motivations they play with today. Although the big technical and the experience gap, they played their best and fought till the last point.  

Italy captain Luca Spirito:

"We played today better than the first match and I think we will improve more in the third match against Korea. We have to play hard in ach match to reach our goals.

UAE coach Mord Sennoun:

"Our main problem today was the reception because Italy used the strong service throughout the match. Our ambitions is to improve from match to the other, but the Italians are targeting the title. My team played very well in the first set because the mistakes were less, but when we commit mistakes in the second and third set, it was difficult for us to withstand. One of our targets is to build a team for future. 


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