Our target is to reach semifinal - Brazil coach Roberley Leonaldo


Brazil coach Roberley Leonaldo says their first target is to qualify for te semis

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, August 24, 2015 – Brazil made a great start to FIVB Men’s U23 World Championship against Mexico with a straight sets victory. Brazilian coach Roberley Leonaldo stressed that their first target is to qualify for the semifinal.

Brazil coach Roberley Leonaldo: It was a good match for us. We had good serves and this way we put under pressure our opponent. I want to think day by day. We have another important game tomorrow and it will be hard too. Our first target is to reach semifinal.

Brazil captain Veloso Thiago: I think it was good game. We played very well. All of our players contributed which is very good for us. We have many games until the finals. We have to be prepared with all players. We are happy to start with a win. Hope to keep it like this way.

Mexico coach Juan Roberto Vilches: Congratulations to Brazilian team, they are very powerful. And they are the defending champions. This game was a preparation for the next games which we are looking forward to.

Mexico captain Alberto Perales Jesus:
It was a hard game. We tried to do our best. We will try to be better in the future.


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