"Playing against Korea was very hard," says Italy coach


Press Conference after the match Italy against Korea

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, August 26, 2015 – Italy overcame Korea 3-1 (25-15, 29-31, 25-22, 25-18) at the FIVB Men's U23 World Championship. The Italian coach Totire empathized the great work done by his players to overcome the solid Koreans 

Italy's Coach Michele Totire: 

"I'm very happy with this match, it was a very important one like the strong matches coming up against Iran and Cuba. Playing against Korea was very hard because they played using two systems; one system in the first set and another system in the second and third sets: they were continuously changing strategies."

"What is most important to us is that we won and finally tomorrow we will have a chance to rest and then the big games against Iran and Cuba will start. Tomorrow we plan to analyze what we will do in the coming matches and prepare for them. I'm thinking only day by day. Today, I'll watch and analyze the game that each team Cuba and Iran played. I think that the Iranian team is quite important because for us it is our first possibility to get to the semifinals. 

Italy's Captain Luca Spirito:

"I feel that we played this match very well, especially in the first set and now we just need to win one more match to get to the finals."

Korea coach Hong Haechon:

"First we want to thank Italy for the big effort they did today. Italy is very lucky having a really tall players which is a good advance to win the game . Unfortunately they are a really good players , they had the full confidence to play this game ."

"The Italian players had more concentrating than our players which also played a role to win the match. Of course we had learned and gained a lot from this tournament and we are going to work harder and support our players as much as we can by training very hard and by having some procedures that would help us do our best in the next tournaments."

Korea Captain Son Taehun:

"All the Italian players were very tall witch really played a very important role in winning the game especially that they all seem very relieved while playing . They also concentrated a lot on defence. In the middle of the match we started losing concentration which made a lot of the players  feel the stress and the pressure which made us lose the control."


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