Technology highlight refereeing process at Men's U23


Technology was used for refereeing process at Men's U23 World Championship in Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, August 28, 2015 – The new refereeing technology devices were all applied successfully during the 2015 Men's U23 World Championship in Dubai, united Arab Emirates under supervision of the Refereeing delegates Hassan Ahmed and Chareonpong Songsak.

The recent tools include the Electronic score sheet, the referee Tablet for both the first and second referees and the communication device between the first and second referees.

For a modern volleyball keeping up with what is happening of technology revolution all over the world, the Local Organising Committee arranged for Electronic score sheet course conducted by the international referee Walid El Khishin for 3 days prior to the competition attended by 30 participants. The course have practical session, so that all the participants had enough knowledge on how to conduct the competition through the new tool.  

The electronic score sheet was applied successfully in the whole competition matches beside the ordinary score sheet. 

There was another seminar for using the tablet for both first and second referees to follow up the positions of the players, the rotation and who will serve. 

The wireless communication device was used also as a communication tool between the first and second referees, so that no need for calling the second referee to cross over and talk with the first. 

Now all the recent technology was brought for the judges of volleyball to facilitate their job in conducting the prestigious World Championship in Dubai.


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