The experience settled the match," Cuba and Iran coaches


Press Conference Cuba v Iran

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, August 26, 2015 –Cuba outclass Iran's 3-1 win (33-31, 25-23, 15-25, 26-24) in Pool A of 2015 Men's U23 World Championship. coaches refer the results to the experience of the Cuban players at the international level.

Cuba Coach Rodolfo Sanchez:

"I'm very happy with that great victory against a respected team like Iran. I was very irritable in the fourth set when Iran was leading as they could draw 2-2 and put us in trouble. Fortunately the experience of my players settled the situation in the last few points. Iran team is great, they were near in points in all sets."

"Both teams were fighting till the end because the two teams were willing to win this game . it was a very hard match, the points were very close which made my team work harder and better than what they are doing .My team had more  experience before because they played the world wide tournament and this just helped them to reach their goal and win . Tomorrow , we are going to train well and we are going to work harder.

Cuba Captain Ricardo Calvo:

"First of all, I want to thank my team because they were very respectful and well mannered. I also felt that they were very good and well trained. they seem getting experience because they were playing very well and they were not stressed."

Iran coach Reyman Akbari:

" I think it was a good match and my team played very well. Cuba is a very strong team and Iran is too. The points scored during the match show that the entire team worked very well. I think that in the final moments each set, we always still had a chance to win.

In the first set, we were not under pressure. All was good and the players had a lot of confidence for a great win against Cuba. However, in the third set there was a great risk of losing, nonetheless I reassured the players to play with confidence. Also as today's match has come to an end, we'll think onward of coming matches and  aspire to win. I think that the Cuba team have more experience than the us. We start our training from today and we have a certain program for the players. Tomorrow morning, we have training and in the afternoon we will have a meeting and discuss and analyze for the next match.

Iran captain Fayazi Pourya:

" We were 6 points ahead in the 4th set and the match seemed to extend to tiebreak. Unfortunately, we ended up losing by 3 points but the story is not finished. We will play against Egypt and Italy and get back the 3 points we lost."


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