The game ended up in the last two balls – Argentina coach Martin Lopez


The game ended up in the last two balls – Argentina coach Martin Lopez

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, August 28, 2015 – Argentina defeated Brazil 3-2 after a very close game in the last game of the fourth day of Pool B in FIVB Men’s U23 World Championship at Al Ahli Club, on Friday. Read more about coaches’ and captains’ opinions.

Argentina coach Martin Lopez: 

Every time we play against Brazil, we have a great game. We did a great job at blocking and defence. We are playing good transition ball, but in the third and fourth we were not up to the mark and that is how we landed in the deciding fifth set. In the fifth set could have gone either side. The game ended up in the last two balls.

Argentina captain Gonzalo Quiroga:

I think it was a great victor. Very tough game. They did an excellent job. We started pretty good. The last part of the third set we couldn’t finish it. After that fourth set we knew it was tough to go into the semis as we missed out on the three points.

Brazil coach Leonaldo Roberley: 

We played against a very good team. All the time we have tough games against Argentina. I think they have improved a lot. The quality of the match was high. We couldn’t play the way we planned. In the third set we improved but not so much. In the fifth set we had a good start and we were four points in front, but we commit mistakes in important moments and we lost the opportunities that came our way. Congratulations to Argentina that they believed they could win all the time. You need to keep your concentration and attention all the time. We lost some very important balls in the fifth set and that cost us. Of course we had some problems, but we know we can play in a better way.

Brazil captain Thiago Veloso:

We made mistakes in the important moments. We fought till the end of the match. I want to congratulate Argentina as they did a great job. The first two sets was very bad as we couldn’t play the way we had planned. We fought back in the third and fourth. I am very sad that we lost, but we will continue the championship with the same spirit.


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