We are ready to fight for the fifth place – Brazil coach Leonaldo Roberley


We are ready to fight for the fifth place – Brazil coach Leonaldo Roberley

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, August 30, 2015 – Brazil defeated Korea 3-0 in the second 5-8 semifinal game of the FIVB Men’s U23 World Championship at Al Ahli Club on Sunday and gained the opportunity to play in the fifth place game against Argentina. Read more about coaches’ and captains’ opinions.

Brazil coach Leonaldo Roberley: 

We had a good match today but at the same time we made a lot of mistakes in serving and reception especially in the third set. We did our best to win this match and again we will do our best to win tomorrow's game to reach the fifth place. Argentina is a really good team, they are very well organized and a skillfull team. We are ready to fight for the fifth place.

Brazil captain Thiago Veloso: 

It was a good match. In the first two sets we played very well however the last set was somehow difficult to control. We have to fight because we are willing to reach the 5th place and I hope we would do it ".

Korea coach Hong Haechon: 

We would like to congratulate Brazil. Brazil is a spectacular team and we did our best to play against them. I admit that we made many serving mistakes which cost us the momentum of the match. Iran is a strong team and we will try our very best against them to reach victory.

Korea captain Son Taehun:

Brazil started off the match very well and their serves were better than us. We were leading in the third set but we ended up making many mistakes that resulted in our loss.


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