We did our best – Brazil coach Roberley Leonaldo


Press conference after the match Brazil against Argentina

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, August 31, 2015 – Brazil defeated Argentina 3-1 and secured fifth place in the FIVB Men’s U23 World Championship at Al Nasr Club in Dubai, on Monday. Read more about coaches’ and captains’ opinions.

Brazil coach Roberley Leonaldo: 

We played a good match, better than the previous one we played against Argentina in the preliminary round. Congratulations to Argentina for playing very well for a young team; they all played spectacular. But today we played better in block-defence and serves. We faced some problems in the third set and made a few mistakes that lead to the loss of that set. Nonetheless, we did better in the fourth set and were able to reach victory. This is a tough championship and we were expected to play five matches in six days against the highest skills. The time gap for preparing from match to match was short and in some matches we played, the experience level of our opponents were more than some of our players. Nonetheless, we tried our very best to play as well as possible. All teams in this tournament were really skilled tactically and physically.

Brazil captain Thiago Veloso:

It was a good game. I admit it was hard to play because there were no medals depending on this game’s result. Nonetheless, I think we played very well in the first two sets. We were not good in the third set but we were able to manage and win the fifth rank. And I would like to congratulate Argentina for their hard work against us and during the tournament.

Argentina coach Martin Lopez:

Congratulation for the Brazilian team, they were playing perfectly and very well organized. The match was very nice and hard at the same time. They were aggressive in the blocking and seving balls and that is what made us lose a lot of points the first two sets. We worked harder in the third set and concentrated very well so we won the set but after that we lost the concentration again and the Brazilian team was leading the set till the end. Now we are willing to play in other tournaments like the one in Mexico and we are really proud that we had an experience in this championship.

Argentina captain Gonzalo Quiroga:

Today we were willing to win the match but we had a lot of errors, especially they were very skillful in serving and the reception and at the end it was a very good experience for us. Congratulations to the Brazilian team for their victory.


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