We have different styles – Russia coach Mikhail Nikolaev


We have different styles – Russia coach Mikhail Nikolaev

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, August 26, 2015 – Russia stayed unbeaten after defeating Argentina in tie break in Pool B of FIVB Men’s U23 World Championship on Wednesday. Russia coach Mikhail Nikolaev stressed that Russia and Argentina has different volleyball styles.

Russia coach Mikhail Nikolaev:

"Argentina is a very good team. We have different styles. We are high and good in attack but they are better on defence and not as high as our team. They are playing another volleyball than us. We are not used to that play. Seven matches in eight days is very difficult." 

Russia player Ivan Demakov:

"We had a difficult game against Argentina. We were better in reception in last two sets. We are very happy to win."

Argentina coach Martin Lopez: 

"Congratulations to Russia. It was hard for us to play against them. But we are happy to play such a high level. The main difference between two teams was transition ball and high ball. They served better than us most important parts of the game."

Argentina captain Gonzalo Quiroga: 

"We started the game very well. We had a strong serve. And our block-defence was good. But Russia played very well too and won the game. Congratulations to Russia."


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