We have to stay high level – Turkey coach Emanuele Zanini


Turkey coach Emanuele Zanini says they have to stay high level

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, August 25, 2015 – Turkey defeated Tunisia in straight sets in Pool B of the FIVB Men’s U23 World Championship. Turkey coach Emanuele Zanini thinks they have to stay high level.

Turkey coach Emanuele Zanini:
We have to stay high level and maintain this performance. We have to maintain our concentration to continue like this. We are satisfied with our second victory but this tournament is a long journey. We have to go step by step.

Turkey captain Burak Gungor: I would like to thank my team mates. We are happy for our second victory. We are going step by step. Now our first opponent is Mexico. After that game we will think other opponents like Brazil and Russia.

Tunisia coach Moncef Belaiba: Today our team did not played well. Because we have half of the team here and the other half are with the senior team. Two weeks before we came together and we are trying to do our best. Turkey were excellent today. They had a great game. First set was balanced but in the end we made some mistakes. In the third some of our key players made errors. It is not physical and we will try to do fix this.

Tunisia captain Ben Slimene Khaled: We started the game well but we lost our concentration. We do not know why this happened. We played two matches until now. Next game will be Brazil and after rest day we will see a better team.


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