We needed this win – Brazil captain Thiago Veloso

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, August 26, 2015 – Brazil defeated Tunisia after a close game by 3-1 in Pool B of the FIVB Men’s U23 World Championship At Ahli Club. Brazil team think that was a must win game for their semifinal goal.

Brazil coach Leonaldo Roberley:
We lost a strong match yesterday. We needed to win this game. We were totally focused on this goal. And we have to win our next two games. We played with some pressure. We commit some mistakes. Tunisia played very well, it was a close game. They did a very good job on defence. We had a lot of work to put the ball on the floor. Now we have to prepare for the next two games.

Brazil captain Thiago Veloso: We needed this victory so it was a tense game. We started the game making lots of unforced errors. So we had some problems in the beginning. It was a tough match. We are very happy to win.

Tunisia coach: Moncef Belabia: We had the same goal today. Both teams played for winning the match. But in important moments we made mistakes more than our opponent. We will prepare ourselves to the last two games in the day off.

Tunisia player Adam Oueslati: Brazil and we had same grade today. We wanted to win this game. But Brazil made less mistake.  That is why they won.


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