"We passed difficult moments in the third set," says Egypt coach


Egyptian players celebrate the victory against UAE

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, August 26, 2015 – Egypt registered their first victory over hosts United Arab Emirates in straight  sets (25-14, 25-21, 22-25, 25-12). Egypt coach and captaim were happy and respected the UAE's performance. 

Egypt coach Grzegorz Rys:

"It is the first time we play this type of a tournaments and we are very proud of the results . In this game we lost our strategies after second set, which made us feel very stressed and fearful. The UAE team was very good and they were very respectful while playing with us .We should've followed our strategy in this match but we didn't and this made the match harder than we thought but the end of the game we just regained our control." 

Egypt Captain Ahmed Shafik

"It was a very hard and stressful game but at the first time it was very nice and I'm very thankful to god that we won this game . At the same time I want to thank UAE players for the good a match against us .

UAE coach Morad Sennoun:

"It was an exciting match, especially because it was between two Arab teams. We know the  difference in skills in comparison to Egypt and from the start of the match the team started with a lot of pressure, Egypt is a strong team, as strong as a lot of big teams like Italy, Korea..etc. At first, it was quite a difficult match, the Captain encouraged his fellow teammates and tried to reduce the pressure. The team ,nonetheless, played with a lot of spirit, never giving up. We plan to become better through this experience and prepare more for coming competitions and tournaments."

"The difference in level was quite hard. Our team's level might've been a bit too low for our opponents. No matter the outcome though, we believe that this  world championship is a spectacular experience and a great chance for us, to compete with other teams at such a high level. We thrive to encourage our players to work harder for victory next time and I'd like to thank the Egyptian Coach for his victory; congratulations."

"The problem our team faces is that there is no flow with the players not as much as that of the other national teams ,unfortunately. Moreover, one of the problems we faced was the absence of four players due to military duties 

UAE captain Abdulla Alsuwaisi:

" First and foremost I'd like to say I'm thankful to God for everything. I think we played a great match, one with great spirits and I believe that a great improvement has occurred with UAE's players; thanks to this experience. "


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