We take a lot of emotions – Russia coach Mikhail Nikolaev

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, August 25, 2015 – Russia won against defending champions Brazil by 3-1 in the last game of second day of Pool B in the FIVB Men’s U23 World Championship. Despite defeating an important opponent, European side believe there is a long way to finals.

Russia coach Mikhail Nikolaev: All games against Brazil are very important. We win today because we did a good technical setting for the match. We have only five players from previous final. We take a lot of emotions to the semis from this game.

Russia player Pavel Pankov:
We played very well because our oach spoke to us and told us exactly what we needed to do. Brazil is very interesting team. We enjoyed playing against them. We hope to continue like this tomorrow.

Brazil coach Roberley Leonaldo: We made some mistakes today. Our opponent put our team under pressure and served well. They have strong block and strong serve. They played very well. Semifinals are a long trip. First we have to think these games. We cannot think at this time for the final.

Brazil captain Thiago Veloso:
Congratulation to Russia team. They did a really good job. We made a lot of mistake. It is always hard to play against Russia. They served very well and have great spikers. We need to fix a few things for the next game. This might be the final game but we have three more matches before the semifinal. We have to think game by game.


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