We were improving set by set- UAE coach Sennoun


Press Conference Iran V United Arab Emirates

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, August 24, 2015 - Iran opened the 2015 FIVB Men's U23  World Championship with victory over hosts United Arab Emirates in Pool A.

Iran Head Coach Akbari Payman:

"I want to thank UAE team for what they did today, they did their best throughout the match. I consider this match as an important preparation for the second match tomorrow against Korea. This will be one of the most important games in the first round as it will determine the real competition for the second round qualification.

Iran Captain Fayazi Damnabi 

"The most important today is that we won our fiirst match here. We have to increase our concentration tomorrow against Korea. We need to improve game by game because every match is important." 

United Arab Emirates coach Morad Sennoun  

"We played our best against a very strong team. We were improving set by set until we reaches the top by the end of the match. This game is a good indication that we will improve in future. Now we are looking forwards to the next game Italy. 

United Arab Emirates captain  Abdalla Alswaidi 

"We are sorry for our supporters but we promise to do better in the rest of our matches."


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