We were very strong physically – Russia coach Mikhail Nikolaev

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, August 30, 2015 – Russia beat Italy 3-0 in the second semifinal game of the FIVB Men’s U23 World Championship at al Nasr Club in Dubai, on Sunday. Russia coach Mikhail Nikolaev thinks that their physical advantage was the reason for their victory.

Russia coach Mikhail Nikolaev: 

Italy is a very good team both technically and tactically. Two years ago we lost against them. Today I desired revenge very much. We were very strong physically. That is why we win today. Yesterday was almost a rest day for us and we prepared ourselves very well. Tomorrow’s final will be our fifth game in last two weeks against Turkey. This is good for us because we will play against a team that we know very well.

Russia player Alexander Kimerov:

We progressed step by step in this tournament. This was a very important match for us. Yesterday we studied Italian team according to our coach’s plan. Italy is a very good team and very well organized. It was a really good match.

Italy coach Michele Totire: 

Congratulation to Russia and Russia’s coach, his team played very well. It was very hard to play against them today. They played really good, they had great serves. Our reception under pressure. To play better, our reception has to be better.
Italy captain Luca Spirito: 

We played a good match, I think it was the best game of the tournament. We tried to do something more but it was difficult, we could not be able to win.


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