We are bad lucked with injuries- Iran coach


Press conference after the match Argentina against Iran

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, August 29, 2015 – Argentina defeated Iran 3-1 (25-17, 16-25, 25-23, 25-21) in the first game of 5-8 semifinal.  Iran coach blamed the bad luck as a reason after the second injury in his side

Argentina Coach Martin Lopez: 

" The game was  very good and the players were really playing at a high level. Both teams came up with bigger expectations and both teams deserve to reach the semi-finals.  We played before yesterday a hard and strong match against Brazil which we ended up having physical troubles after the match but at the end we should think about the next match. "

Argentina Captain Gonzalo Quiroga : 

" It was a hard game. We weren't doing well as before, but we are proud of what we did and we wish to do well and win in our next matches."

Iran's Coach Akbari Payman:

 "I congratulate Argentina for their win. Unfortunately, we were unable to win today. Day by day, our bad luck gets worse; today our team captain obtained a shoulder injury and the day before yesterday our middle blocker was injured.  We keep losing our best players and therefore, it is quite hard for us to play at our best. I believe that our losses were due to these reasons and none others. For tomorrow, I strongly hope that we can continue with the remaining ten players without any further injuries and losses."

Iran's Captain was unable to attend the conference held due to a shoulder injury.


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